At Panah Shelter Home

Our Services

Mental Health & Well Being

Free access to experienced and trained Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists and Social Workers is also provided in order to help women overcome the mental and physical torment/trauma that they have experienced over time. Yoga and a Gymnasium facility under trained staff also helps in promoting their well-being.

Legal Aid

A team of compassionate pro bono lawyers address matters of reconciliation, khula (divorce), custody of children, maintenance, recovery of dowry articles, domestic violence, writ/habeas corpus petitions and fabricated criminal cases.

National Identity Card

Due to Panah’s excellent record and services, NADRA has been helpful by facilitating residents in the issuance of duplicate and new CNIC


At the time of admission, a comprehensive medical examination is provided. Besides this, an in-house physician for any day to day medical needs is also present. Hospitalization, surgical intervention, maternity care, diagnostic tests are provided in gratis by the Zainab Panjwani Memorial Hospital. Blood requirements are provided courtesy of Hussaini Blood Bank. All medical needs are provided 24/7 on case to case basis and emergencies.

Vocational Training

To ensure women are financially independent, courses in sewing, beautician, computer skills, cooking, arts and crafts are offered by trained instructors. For women who show interest and aptitude, Panah offers advanced courses in institutions outside the Shelter.

Informal Education

We provide informal education to women and their dependent children with the help of trained teachers.

Liaison with Police

Panah keeps close contact with the local Police station and reports the admission and release of a resident immediately, as required by the law.

Email: Phone: +92 21 36360025 Address: Plot No. ST-6, Block 10, Federal B Area, Karachi, Pakistan