About Panah

Panah plays a pivotal role in providing an option for women who want to escape violence  and lead a life with dignity. Panah accommodates women who are under duress as a result of exercising their choice in marriage or divorce, forced marriages, victims of domestic violence such as sexual abuse, assault, exploitation, and under threat of honour killing or women seeking temporary refuge from other social injustices.

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Survivor Stories

The Story of Shahnaz

A charming face with articulate expression and fine mannerisms, 19 year old Shahnaz sits calmly as she narrates her story…

The Story of Sana

Every evening, 18 year old Sana would shake with fear and despair as her husband would beat her, lock her in a room without food or water and in moments of drunken frenzy…

The Story of Maryam

Maryam’s eyes shone with the awe of her own achievement as she nar-rated her story…

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