About US

About Panah

Panah plays a pivotal role in providing an option for women who want to escape violence and lead a life with dignity. Panah accommodates women who are under duress as a result of exercising their choice in marriage or divorce, forced marriages, victims of domestic violence. As well as sexual abuse, assault, exploitation, and under threat of honour killing or women seeking temporary refuge from other social injustices.

 Our Vision

Panah actively supports the creation of a society where women who are victims of violence regain their identity and dignity.

 Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe haven for women through crisis intervention and a wide range of holistic support services, including financial empowerment skills. This enables them to easily rehabilitate into society after they leave the Shelter home.

Why Panah

Violence against women in Pakistan remains a very common occurrence. Often resulting from forced and child marriages, this abuse is detrimental for the mental and physical health of the victim. With low levels of education and awareness prevailing, women subjected to such human rights violations and gender inequality are often helpless and forced to remain with their abusers.

Admission Criteria

Panah maintains an open door policy for all women victims /survivors of violence, i.e. they can approach Panah personally, through the police system, court orders, NGOs or via referrals.

Email: panahhome@gmail.com Phone: +92 21 36360025 Address: Plot No. ST-6, Block 10, Federal B Area, Karachi, Pakistan