Services & Facilities at Panah Shelter Home

We provide the following at Panah:

  • Safe Shelter 
  •  Panah provides safe shelter and free boarding and lodging to women and their dependent children. This comes with strict security – an alarm system, C.C.TV cameras, tracked vehicles, and police escort for special cases. There is also 24 hour security at the residence in the form of Police and Security personnel.
  • Legal Aid

Our caring and compassionate legal aid staff in the form of a panel of retired judges and lawyers in matters of reconciliation, khula (divorce), custody of children, maintenance, recovery of dowry articles, writ/habeas corpus petitions and fabricated criminal cases.

  • Mental Healthcare

Panah provides free access to experienced and trained Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists and Social Workers in order to help the women and children overcome the mental and physical torment that they have experienced over time. 

  • Medical Aid

Free Medical Aid is also provided to those who need it. This includes complete medical care, surgical care and hospitalization. 

  • Education & Reintegration

We provide informal education to women and children as well as vocational training which includes courses in sewing, arts and crafts, and beautician training. The education and vocational program provides a basis for the women to look for employment with some basic skill set. This is essential for them to gain independence and feel empowered. We provide assistance in rehabilitation and resettlement at every level and the women can seek help from our advisors at any time. 

Admission Criteria

Panah maintains an open door policy for all women victims /survivors of violence, i.e. they can approach Panah personally, through the police system, court orders or via referrals.        


Service Staff and Specialists 

The team at Panah includes:

  • A facilities manager, secretary, lawyer, psychologist, housekeepers, police guards, security personnel, drivers and other support staff
  • Voluntary Board Members directly oversee the work of the staff
  • A panel of lawyers and doctors who provide their services free of cost
  • Instructors in yoga, informal education, sewing, cooking and arts and crafts come in routinely

The Complex and Facilities :

The current facility is 4,000 sq yds. or 36,000 sq ft. and includes:

  • 11 large bed rooms with 64 beds and 4 cribs for infants 
  • Dining room with a seating for 30 persons
  • 2 kitchens
  • 14 bathrooms
  • Activity rooms for adult and child education
  • Activities including yoga, art, craft, sewing, beautician training, and other vocational activities
  • Prayer Room
  • TV and Recreational Room
  • Fully equipped medical room
  • Auditorium
  • Full equipped gym
  • Approximately 1000 sq. yds. or 9050 sq. ft. of outdoor recreational area that has been professionally landscaped.
  • Outdoor swings and play area for children
  • Outdoor games facility for badminton, cricket and basket ball
  • Office space and conference room
  • Meeting and waiting rooms for families of residents
  • 2 Guard rooms