Guiding Principles of PANAH

  • The issues of violence and abuse are the responsibilities of the entire community including legal, social and political structures.
  • Panah believes that violence can be physical, emotional, psychological and sexual.
  • Provides services catering to the diversity and the cultural differences of our society with a non-judgmental approach.
  • Acknowledges that each woman is an individual and has a right to self-determination.
  • Works with other voluntary organization and their partners through education, research and services for the benefit of abused women and their children.
  • Legal aid, counseling and shelter is provided irrespective of caste, creed, status or religion.


Panah seeks to actively support the creation of a society where women in distress, particularly those subjected to abuse and domestic violence, regain their identity and self-respect and develop an understanding to exercise their basic human rights.


Panah seeks to provide a safe and peaceful haven for distressed women. It provides women and their dependent (minor) children crisis intervention and a range of holistic support services so that they can reconnect with society and continue their healing journey after they leave the shelter.