The Story of Mahjabeen

Mahjabeen was a young and enthusiastic student studying in the United Kingdom before her family stopped her from renewing her visa. As Mahjabeen had fallen in love with a man in the UK, her family rejected their relationship and confiscated all her travel documents. Full of rage and anger, her family also physically and verbally […]

The Story of Sabiha

Sabiha‚Äôs story is one of immense suffering and resilience. At the tender age of fourteen, Sabiha was kidnapped by a rickshaw driver outside Anarkali Bazaar in Lahore. The driver kept her hostage and allowed for her to be gang raped, repeatedly, by a group of barbaric men. Soon after she was sold like property to […]

The Story of Zainab

Zainab was originally from a remote area of province Sindh before she arrived at Panah Shelter Home to seek protection. While living with her sister there, Zainab studied at a local school and would also work there part time. As Zainab was returning home one day, she was chased by a group of men. Unfortunately, […]


The following is an up-to-date list of most needed items at the Shelter: Food: Flour, Lentils, Rice, Sugar, Tea, Powder Milk, Basic cooking spices, biscuits and snacks. Medication: Ibuprofen, Painkillers, Cough syrup/Cold medication, vitamins (multi, C, E, B-Complex), band aids, antacid. Clothes: Good quality old clothes, new adult-sized shalwar kameez or even just unstitched fabric […]

The Story of Shahnaz

A charming face with articulate expression and fine mannerisms, 19 year old Shahnaz sits calmly as she narrates her story. Daughter of a milkman from central Punjab settled in Karachi, Shahnaz is the eldest of seven siblings. She completed High School and dreamed of a better life. Shahnaz became friends with Raza, a tailor from […]

The Story of Sana

Every evening, 18 year old Sana would shake with fear and despair as her husband would beat her, lock her in a room without food or water and in moments of drunken frenzy, would even electrocute her. Sana is a fragile, young girl from the slums of Karachi, with an acne riddled face, framed by […]

The Story of Maryam

Maryam’s eyes shone with the awe of her own achievement as she nar-rated her story. The thick golden hoop piercing her left nostril con-trasted with her dark skin and the tattooed name of her husband on her right wrist peeked out from beneath her orange sleeve. Maryam’s story is one of inspiration and remorse. Maryam […]