The Story of Zainab

Zainab was originally from a remote area of province Sindh before she arrived at Panah Shelter Home to seek protection. While living with her sister there, Zainab studied at a local school and would also work there part time. As Zainab was returning home one day, she was chased by a group of men. Unfortunately, this became a routine occurrence and tragedy soon followed. One day when Zainab was on her way home, she was ambushed, kidnapped, and raped by the same men that had harassed her many times before.
Through some miracle, Zainab managed to escape from them and arrived at a police station to register an FIR. Though her case is currently pending the decision looks to be in her favour. During the two years that the case was in the court of law, Zainab was lodged at Panah Shelter Home where she took beautician courses. Today Zainab has a full-time job at a beauty parlour in Karachi where she now lives. Besides that she has taken admission in law school through Panah. Without the resources of Panah, Zainab would never have able to build a new direction for her life.

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