The Story of Sabiha

Sabiha’s story is one of immense suffering and resilience. At the tender age of fourteen, Sabiha was kidnapped by a rickshaw driver outside Anarkali Bazaar in Lahore. The driver kept her hostage and allowed for her to be gang raped, repeatedly, by a group of barbaric men. Soon after she was sold like property to another man who brought her to Karachi. At last, Sabiha caught a break. The police raided the home in which she was trapped in and filed an FIR on her behalf.

 On court orders, Sabiha began her new life at Panah. Without a family to support her, it was through Panah that she received urgent psychological treatment and could bring the pieces of her life back together. A year after her arrival at Panah, Sabiha has bravely overcome some of the damage inflicted by her trauma and began a beautician course. In 2016 when Sabiha turned 18 she  found a job (full time house maid). Today she says,

“I am thankful to Panah for making my life much better, and for giving me an opportunity to start my new life”.

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