The Story of Mahjabeen

Mahjabeen was a young and enthusiastic student studying in the United Kingdom before her family stopped her from renewing her visa. As Mahjabeen had fallen in love with a man in the UK, her family rejected their relationship and confiscated all her travel documents. Full of rage and anger, her family also physically and verbally abused her until forcing her to a marriage of their choice. Though Mahjabeen tried to resolve this issue through peaceful negotiations, all her efforts were in vain as her family was firm in their beliefs.

On one occasion, Mahjabeen arrived at Panah shelter as she could no longer live with her family and their abuse. She hoped that at Panah she would have the security and financial stability to find a job and begin earning a salary. Panah succeeded on both fronts, and Mahjabeen eventually found a place she could work. She soon arranged to live in a hostel that was closer in proximity to her work. Panah also helped her file a complaint to CPLC so that her family would not harass her at her hostel.

Today Mahjabeen says, “I will never forget the care, affection, and cooperation I received from Panah.”

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