The Story of Mahjabeen

Mahjabeen was a young and enthusiastic student studying in the United Kingdom before her family stopped her from renewing her visa. As Mahjabeen had fallen in love with a man in the UK, her family rejected their relationship and confiscated all her travel documents. Full of rage and anger, her family also physically and verbally […]

The Story of Sabiha

Sabiha‚Äôs story is one of immense suffering and resilience. At the tender age of fourteen, Sabiha was kidnapped by a rickshaw driver outside Anarkali Bazaar in Lahore. The driver kept her hostage and allowed for her to be gang raped, repeatedly, by a group of barbaric men. Soon after she was sold like property to […]

The Story of Zainab

Zainab was originally from a remote area of province Sindh before she arrived at Panah Shelter Home to seek protection. While living with her sister there, Zainab studied at a local school and would also work there part time. As Zainab was returning home one day, she was chased by a group of men. Unfortunately, […]