The following is an up-to-date list of most needed items at the Shelter:

Food: Flour, Lentils, Rice, Sugar, Tea, Powder Milk, Basic cooking spices, biscuits and snacks.

Medication: Ibuprofen, Painkillers, Cough syrup/Cold medication, vitamins (multi, C, E, B-Complex), band aids, antacid.

Clothes: Good quality old clothes, new adult-sized shalwar kameez or even just unstitched fabric (we have sewing machines). Children and infants clothing in various sizes.

Children’s Needs: Toys, English & Urdu Story Books, Stationery, Educational Material.

Toiletries: Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, bath soap, toothbrushes, feminine hygiene products, diapers, tissue paper.

Linens: Bed sheets, pillow cases, blankets, towels

Other: We are in need of computers, vacuum cleaners, cleaning materials

Volunteers: need volunteers to help in teaching basic computer skills, to help teach basic home cleaning skills (using washing machines, cooking classes, vacuum cleaners, etc.), to help with fundraising and to raise awareness of the work that we do.

One thought on “WishList

  1. How can i help in Volunteers I know how to assemble computer and I’m teaching about MS office in Pakistan navy civilian.

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