We provide the following services at Panah:
  • Safe shelter and free boarding and lodging to women and their dependent children

  • Strict security is provided. Alarm system, C.C. TV cameras, tracking system n vehicles, police escort for special cases. Police and Security personnel provide 24 hour security at the residence

  • Free voluntary legal aid is provided by a panel of retired judges and lawyers in matters of reconciliation, khula/divorce, custody of children, maintenance, and recovery of dowry articles, writ/habeas corpus petitions and fabricated criminal cases

  • Free services of Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist and Social Workers

  • Free Medical Aid which includes complete medical, surgical, hospitalization and at times plastic surgery of burnt or disfigured victims

  • Informal education and vocational training is provided to women and children according to individual interest and ability

  • Indoor and outdoor games, art therapy and yoga for recreation and well being,

  • Assist in rehabilitation and resettlement

  • Promote cooperation among various agencies to ensure seamless web of services for victims

  • Provide protection for victim-witnesses in criminal trials

  • Assess viability of reintegrating victims and addressing special needs during the re-integration process, including mediation with families of victims.
The people who work for Panah include:
  • Panah staff includes a manager, secretary, lawyer, psychologist, housekeepers, police guards, security personnel, drivers and other support staff.

  • A voluntary committee composed of members from the public oversees the work of the staff.

  • A panel of lawyers and doctors give their services free of cost.

  • Instructors in yoga, sewing, cooking and art and craft work come in regularly.

The current facility is 4,000 sq yds. or 36,000 sq ft. and includes:

  • 10 bed rooms with 31 beds and 4 cribs for infants
  • Dining room with a seating of 24 persons
  • 2 kitchens
  • 7 bathrooms
  • Activity room for adult and child education, yoga, art, craft, sewing and other vocational activity.
  • Prayer Room
  • TV and Recreational Room
  • Fully equipped medical room
  • Auditorium
  • 1000 sq. yds. or 9050 sq. ft. of outdoor recreational area that has been professionally landscaped.
  • Outdoor swings and play area for children
  • Outdoor games facility like badminton, cricket and basket ball
  • Office space and conference roomMeeting room for families of residents
  • Guard room
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